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Additional Products

Here are a few other products West Coast Compressor offers:


VPInstruments develops, produces and supplies energy management solutions for compressed air and industrial gases. We reveal the true costs of compressed air, nitrogen and technical gases; we show our clients where,when and how much you can save.

Measure, monitor and manage your compressed air system and reduce your energy consumption. VPVision warehouses and analyzes flow data, which means it doubles as a cornerstone of a monitoring system for many plants seeking to sustain the energy efficiencies they have achieved.


The Air Receiver Tanks in a compressed air system is essential to the entire process. It creates a buffer and storage repository between the compressor and the consumption system. To understand the air receiver’s role in a compressed air system, we’ve broken it down into two roles:

Wet Tank: Located near the compressor, after the after-cooler but before filtration and drying equipment

Dry Tank: Located after the dryer and filtration equipment.


West Coast Compressor offers a wide range of air receiver tanks to meet your system’s needs

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