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Compressed Air System Analysis

Some Examples of Industries and processes that use compressed air and are eligible to apply for Power Company Rebates

Large Commercial and Institutional


  • Office buildings

  • Healthcare & Biotech

  • Cleanrooms

  • Pharmaceutical companiesLabs

  • Medical Facilities

Manufacturing and Heavy Industry


  • Oil and gas extraction

  • Forging and Foundries

  • Petroleum

  • Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Component fabrication

  • Industrial process

Agricultural and Food Processing


  • Food processing

  • Wineries

  • Dairies

Before investing in compressed air equipment, analyzing your existing system can save your company thousands of dollars. By assuring that you have correctly documented your true needs, identified artificial demand and inappropriate use of compressed air, we can assist your company with the correct selection of system components. This can minimize initial cost, improving system performance, increase production and reduce excessive energy consumption. Whether providing a cost effective Walk-Through Assessment or a complete System Audit we offer you the expert assistance that makes the difference. How does a “Systems Audit” Keep Your Factory Running Smoothly?

Optimizing your compressed air system’s performance requires a look at the individual components and how they all work together as a whole. This systems approach analyzes both the supply and demand side of your system and how they interact, thus ensuring a constant, steady system pressure and uninterrupted workflow. 


Here’s How It Works Using our audit Program:


  • We establish current conditions and operating parameters by installing our state of the art data loggers onto the air compressors.


  • Then determine present and future process production needs.


  • We gather and analyze all operating data and develop a plan to maximize system operation. We take into account all sub-systems when determining the most technically and economically sound options for implementation.


  • If applicable apply for energy rebate.


  • We assess the economic impact of operations, energy consumption and ROI.


  • Then we make a plan to reduce energy usage by installing more effecient equipmnet, unrestrict piping and use leak detection.


  • Last we go back onsite and install our data loggers to confirm that the changes we made......Actually saved you MONEY!





For more information about an Energy Audit, please call 925-321-8667 or contact us with your application requirements.
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