Particulate filters or pre-filters remove harmful oil/water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from compressed air systems, preventing corrosive damage to equipment and finished products.


Coalescing Filters

Where particulate filters remove particulate and water, coalescing filters are designed to remove oil. For maximum performance and efficiency, coalescing filters should be preceded by a particulate or pre-filter. Several grades are available; from lower grade (.3) micron units to the finest grade elements utilized for the most critical filtration applications, such as in clean rooms.


Activated Carbon Filters

Engineered for applications that will not tolerate oil vapors and associated odors, activated carbon filters should be preceded by a pre-filter and coalescing filter.


Medical and Breathing Air Filters

West Coast Compressor carries a complete line of NFPA and breathing air filters.


Contact us with your application requirements.


Manufacturers: Sullair, NANO, Donaldson, Dominick Hunter, Zeks

Clean and dry compressed air is essential in every efficient and profitable manufacturing and process operation worldwide. nano-purification solutions’ vast experience includes food, beverage, chemical, laboratory, medical and natural gas applications.


n-psi understands your needs and has created the nano range of high-performance, energy-saving compressed air and gas purification products to provide clean and dry compressed air and gases at an affordable price with unrivaled reliability.

ZTF Compressed Air Filters are used in air system piping and at the point-of-use to protect compressed air drying equipment and process machinery and enhance performance. Replaceable elements are available to trap solid particulates, coalesce liquids, or remove aerosols. ZTF filters include many user-friendly advantages including: push-fit element connection; durable needle felt outer element layer; low pressure drop; restricted height applicability.


Donaldson Compressed Air & Process delivers the most efficient and cost-effective filter elements and housings. Our product is engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.


From general purpose to high quality compressed air applications, our filters protect your plant equipment and processes, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs.


Available from 25 to 17,700 scfm (0.7 to 495.6 m3/min), 15 to 725 psig (1.0 to 50.0 bar), 35°F to 350°F (1.7°C to 121.1°C), ISO 8573.1 quality classes, we offer filters for instrumentation, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

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