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ELGi is one of the very few compressor companies to design and manufacture oil-free airends. With in-house oil-free technology, the compressors are engineered to deliver maximum Uptime and reliability. ELGi’s unique eta-V rotor design reduces pressure losses and increases stage efficiencies, leading to an optimized compressed air system. Optimized component layout of the OF series machine provides easy serviceability with reduced service time.Incorporating superior safety norms,the compressors have not only low energy losses and low air outlet temperatures but are also highly reliable and compact.All these advanced features integrated into one simple design that drives maximum Reliability and Uptime.


ELGI OF Series Compressors

Reliability / Working Conditions

• Lower speed of airend » Gives better reliability due to lower gear ratio

• Usage of rigid Stainless Steel tubes » Improves product reliability and reduce maintenance

• Reduced pressure differential. Load unload pressure differential is 2.9 psi » Reduces stress on the motor

• Tropical design » Ensures reliable operation at severe working temperatures (23ºF to 113ºF)


Efficiency/Cost of Ownership

• Operates on low pressure cooling-water head » Reduced power consumption of feed water pumps

• Lower temperature differential of cooling water » Power saving by reduced cooling water pump sizing

• Optimized airend design »Deliver best efficiency of its class at different pressures and Quicker return on investment

• The OF series compressor package ensures that cooling water in-out temperature differential is only 14ºF compared to other conventional systems of 57.2º F » Ensures lower thermal stress to the system, better fouling factor and lower cost of ownership


Consistent Air Quality

Consistent oil-free air meeting ISO8573-1 class 0 oil standards.

• Food grade coating is done where air contacts metal surface inside the compressor » Ensures consistent oil-free air without metal debris

• Pipes have special e-coating » Ensures consistently clean and oil-free air

• Optimized rotor clearances » Ensures consistent air delivery as rotor coatings remain uniform

For more information about Air Compressors and Accessories, please call 925-454-1640 or contact us with your application requirements.
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