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Oil Water Separators

As we enter into a new era of consciousness about our environment and our impact on it, the pressure of environmental responsibility for commercial and industrial sites is at an all time high. With new thinking comes new solutions and the disposal of oily, contaminated condensate that once was “acceptable” is now being met with more stringent legislation and harsher penalties, and rightfully so.


Section 309 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act allows for the issuance of fines not less than $2,500.00 per day up to $25,000.00 per day, jail time, or both for first time violators. Such penalties can be assessed against the negligent company and/or the individual person or persons responsible for plant operations and maintenance.


At West Coast Compressor we want to help you get compliant. Please Contact us with your application requirements.


Manufacturers: Sullair, NANO, Beko, Zeks

The S-Series is not your typical oil water separator. It’s advanced design and unique environmentally friendly STERLING oil absorbingfiltration media takes separation technology to a whole new level. No messy carbon bags. No settling tanks full of untreated condensate. No external oil collection containers. Just simple and effective condensate treatment.


nano Sepura oil water separators reliably give you:

• 100% performance - even on newer synthetic compressor lubricants*

• Lower life cycle costs - long media life and simplified maintenance

• Lower outlet concentrations - down to 5 ppmv or less

• Space saving - smaller footprint for easier installation

• Environmentally friendly recycled materials

• Treatment for systems up to 10,000 scfm with a single unit

• Peace of mind - the most reliable product of its kind


The Sepura range of oil water separators are a reliable and cost effective solution to the problems of contaminated condensate.



Non-treatment of compressed air condensate leads to high legal and fi nancial risks, and as off-site disposal costscontinue to increase your profi ts will continue to decrease. Furthermore, traditional, gravity type oil-water separatorslack the ability to adapt both to new lubricants and new growth, while often times requiring time consumingadjustments from staff that is usually unavailable.


BEKO has been at the forefront of oil-water separation and condensate processing technology for more than twodecades. Through intense research and development, and consistent upgrades and improvements over time, ourdevices have become the standard of the industrial sector. Often copied, but never duplicated.

OSB Oil/Water Separators NEW!Our OSB Oil/Water Separator is effective for reducing the hazardous waste content in compressed air condensate. Multi-stage absorption traps oil and holds it for disposal in conformance with EPA guidelines and state and local codes. OSB Oil/Water Separators are effective in systems that use these lubricant types:


  • Mineral oils

  • Semi-synthetic lubricants

  • Synthetic lubricants

  • Polyglycols

  • 24KT fluid


A Visual Media Indicator signals when absorption element replacement is required. An Overflow Indicator shows if a blockage occurs downstram of the unit. No complicated sizing procedure is necessary - just choose the OSB system that matches the total CFM capacity of your compressed air system!


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