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Vacuum Pumps

West Coast Compressor supplies and services all types of vacuum pumps from some of the world’s leading suppliers.

Sullair Vacuum Pump 5 -200 HP


Our VS Series vacuum systems use proven rotary screw technology to produce vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. Because VS vacuum systems are air cooled and require no seal water, there are no water acquisition, water treatment or water disposal costs. As a result, these systems offer lower power costs and up to 50% lower total operating costs than other types of pumps.

Anest Iwatta Vacuum Pump .13 -1.3 HP


ANEST IWATA was the first in the world to develop the air-cooled, oil-free, scroll-type vacuum pumps. Our oil-free scroll vacuum pumps are compact and less noise/vibration emitting than other dry vacuum pumps. They are highly valued by customers who need clean, high quality vacuum, especially in analytical and semiconductor related fields.


ISP series of vacuum pumps offer a clean vacuum environment and eliminate the nuisance of cumbersome lubricant maintenance or sealing water administration. ISP is free from installation restrictions because of its air-cooled system. ISP maintains low power consumption from atmosphere to maximum pressure. Maximum pressure is 1[Pa] High reliability

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