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If you can measure it, you can improve it!


VPInstruments develops, produces and supplies energy management solutions for compressed air and industrial gases. We reveal the true costs of compressed air, nitrogen and technical gases; we show our clients where,when and how much you can save.

Measure, monitor and manage your compressed air system and reduce your energy consumption. VPVision warehouses and analyzes flow data, which means it doubles as a cornerstone of a monitoring system for many plants seeking to sustain the energy efficiencies they have achieved.


The VPFlowScope measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. It’s the ultimate compressed air audit tool, used by leading auditors worldwide. The bright blue display provides real-time information, and with the built-in data logger, recording is as easy as taking a picture.

VPStudio software can be used for real-time measurements on your PC, to process data and to print reports. The VPFlowScope product family consists of a wet and a dry air flow meter, which are fully interchangeable and compatible with the VPFlowScope display modules.

  • Air audits
  • Demand side monitoring, sub metering of compressed air
  • Ring networks (bi-directional)
  • Air, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon: Any dry and non-corrosive gas.

We offer the VPFlowScope for both wet and dry compressed air. You can combine both the wet and dry sensor module with the same display module. That’s why the VPFlowscope is so exceptional for air auditors. With the VPFlowScope you can measure virtually any compressed air system with a single instrument.


VPFlowScope® In-line


With the three-in one VPFlowScope® in-line, VPInstruments sets the new standard for compressed air measurement. Flow, Pressure and Temperature measured at the same point with a single instrument makes measuring child’s play. All key performance indicators of your compressed air system are finally measured together, like it should be. It’s time to reveal and unleash the real savings potential of your factory.

The VPFlowScope® in-line is your best choice when you need to move forward in creating better efficiency levels in your  compressed air and technical gas systems. ow you have an instrument that provides you with flow, pressure and temperature measurement in one single device, for point of use applications. Again, the VPFlowScope® in-line shows you when, where and how much you can save. The improvements of the VPFlow- Scope® in-line complete the product family and it is just as easily integratable as the VPFlowScope® probe.



General applications

  • Point of use measurement

  • Cost allocation

  • Sub metering of compressed air

  • Ring networks (bi-directional)

  • Leakage monitoring

  • Consumption metering of Nitrogen,Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium or any other dry, non-corrosive and inert gas.



The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display with built-in power supply and 2 million point data logger. The VPFlowTerminal has five sensor inputs: one input for a VPFlowMate or VPFlowScope mass flow meter, and four generic analog inputs and can record up to 8 channels. This makes the collection and analysis of your compressed air data easier and quicker!


Product highlights

  • 2 Million data points

  • VPFlowMate / VPFlowScope input

  • 4 analog input channels

Efficiency: monitoring the efficiency of your compressor system. Measure with the VPFlowScope in the main pipe line of your system and measure with 4 power meters the power consumption of each compressor.

Air audits: the VPFlowTerminal can be used for air audits since you collect all data within one data logger. This makes the data collection, read out and analysis very convenient. Total package: Measure flow together with dew point, pressure



VPVision offers you the complete monitoring solution for compressed air and technical gases. It makes energy savings easy, quick, and rewarding. Using the latest web technology, VPVision enables you to view data anywhere, anytime. VPVision analyzes flow data and makes your savings potential transparent.

VPVision can be expanded to receive and consolidate data such as electric demand (compressor kW) and dew point. VPVision can also be fully integrated into a plant’s existing SCADA system and linked to the Internet to allow access by designated company staff from anywhere.


Project approach
Although VPVision is a very user friendly software solution, preparation is key to a successful implementation. No compressed air system is the same. Therefore each VPVision system is customized to your needs and goals. Your return on investment can be a  atter of months. With our VPVision project form, we can calculate the required investment and ROI. Ask your local distributor or go to our website for details.

With VPVision you can:

  • Maintain your efficiency

  • Allocate costs

  • Track and monitor leak level

  • Generate automated reports in PDF

  • Expand and adapt the system

  • Follow your system via IPad®, Smart PH, tablet and web browser

  • Centralize benchmark different plants on different locations.

  • Track Maintenance need points

Product highlights

  • Web based interface

  • Built in report tools

  • Early alert on leakage.

  • Direct insight in costs

  • Based on standardized hardware

For more information about Air Compressors and Accessories, please call 925-454-1640 or contact us with your application requirements.
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